Sliding Shower Screens 

Fully Frameless & Semi Frameless Sliders

We have recently update our range from just having the 10mm Fully Frameless sliding screen to having a more affordable solution in the 6mm Semi Frameless Sliding shower screen range, the Semi Sliding screen gives us Flexibility where there is very little room or if you have concerns with doors clashing. There are some width restrictions with the slider so please speak to our helpful staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding sizing and area to where its going to be fitted.


Fully Frameless Slider

Standard configuration Frameless Sliding, pricing starts from $2200



Between Walls  Slider

Minimum recommended width is 1000mm wide,the reason being that the fixed panel is just over 50% of the opening, pricing starts from $1650



Bifold Frameless


Bifold doors closed position

Frameless Sliding Hardware

Top image shows the top rail and rollers and bottom image is the floor guide



Bifold Frameless

Ideal for smaller openings, 1000mm and under as the doors fold back on themselves towards the wall, great for wheel chair or disabled access. Pricing starts from $1450 for between walls.


Bifold Frameless


Bifold doors open position, great for areas not wider than 1000mm or for disabled access.

Semi Framelss Sliding

Momentum slider r

Minimum recommended width is 1000mm wide, pricing starts from $1270.


Semi Framelss Sliding


Top Wheel guide and stop system and bottom image shows the glass can move away from framework for easy cleaning, there is an anti track jump rail on top not shown in the image.

Technical information


Some important things you need to know about our sliding screen range, we are unable to provide a Frameless or Semi Frameless sliding screen where the opening is less than 1000mm wide, the reason being is that the fixed panel is just over 50% of the opening so it can let the door slide completely behind it. Click on the thumbnail below to see the approx sizing.

Slide Measurements



For smaller areas we can use a Bifold screen, the Bifold at this stage only comes in Fully Frameless . The Bifold doors  fold back on each other towards the wall.



There is another option we can take if your area is too small for a front only slider, we can provide a corner entry slider, very popular in the Semi Frameless and is a fantastic affordable solution for lack of space. Click on the thumbnail below to view the image, there are more images in the gallery section under the "Corner Entry Album"

Corner entry slider  closed