Semi Frameless Shower Screens


Our very classy Mirage Semi Frameless Shower screen is a premium shower screen without the premium price tag. The semi frameless is whats called a perimeter frame which means the frameworks goes just around the outside, up the sides across the top and across the bottom, which in turns gives it that uncluttered look. The unique pivot design allows the door to be completely frameless and allows the door to open inward and outward. The pivot blocks also feature a positive close mechanism , which basically self centers the door when it closes. Sleek smooth contoured profiles make this stylish screen a cut above the rest. With a choice of Clear Glass or Acid Etch ( Frosted ) obscure glass. Please scroll down to see some of the different configurations.


Standard Configuration

The Standard configuration consists of basically the front with the door in it and the larger fixed panel which is know as the Return Panel, If your looking down at it from above it looks like an ” L ” shape, pricing starts at $990


Neo Angle / Diamond Shape

The Neo angle or Diamond shape screen can be done with either the door opening in the center as per the image or depending on your configuration the door opening at either end. Pricing starts at $1000

Standard With Dogleg

Note that the dogleg cutout is there to accommodate  either a nib wall or a bathtub. Pricing starts from  $1090



Between Walls

Between walls semi frameless can be configured with door in center or offset to one side to accomodate vanity units or wc’s, pricing starts at $820