Fully Frameless Shower Screens


Our fully Frameless range is exactly that, Fully Frameless, we don’t use wall channels to fit our glass we use Chrome Plated Brass “L” shaped glass to wall clamps, not to say if you require wall channel we can supply as required. Please scroll down for pricing on the different types of screens and scroll to the bottom of the page for a bit of technical info on the Glass, Fittings and images of the fittings we use on our Frameless Glass range.


Standard Configuration

The standard configuration consists of basically the front with the door in it and the larger fixed panel which is called the Return Panel. If you were looking at it from above its an ” L” shape.

Up to 2000 mm tall

900 x 900     = $1850

1000 x 1000 = $1950

1100 x 1100 = $2050

1200 x 1200 = $2150

Pricing includes supply, fit and gst.

Standard Off Nib Wall

Once again the standard configuration but with a shorter return and small nib panel  to fill the gap between the door and the return, this is so you can get use from the nib wall and use as a shelf.

Up to 2000 mm tall

900 x 900     = $1800

1000 x 1000 = $1900

1100 x 1100 = $2000

1200 x 1200 = $2100

Pricing includes supply, fit and gst

Standard With Dogleg Return Panel

Note the cutout in the bigger return panel to accomodate the shape of the small nib wall at the back of the shower recess, this is refered to as a “dogleg cutout”.

Up to 2000 mm tall

900 x 900     = $1950

1000 x 1000 = $2050

1100 x 1100 = $2150

1200 x 1200 = $2250

Pricing includes supply, fit & gst

Between Walls

When your shower has three walls instead of two as in the standard config. Door can be centered or offset to make room for vanity units or WC’s.

Up to 2000 tall

900  = $1300

1000 = $1350

1200 = $1450

1400 = $1550

1600 = $1650

Pricing includes supply, fit and gst

Technical information

We use 10mm Australian Standard Saftey Glass of all of our Frameless Shower Screens. A little bit of info on the glass, we receive the glass as standard float glass, in the float glass state we can cut, drill, polish and basically modify the glass to our needs, once the glass has been cut we send it off to its final process which  is the toughening, also known as tempering, to make it a saftey glass. Toughened glass is basically glass under stress, the glass is heated to a very high temperature and then cooled at a certain rate to get the glass to a toughened state, so if the glass breaks, it breaks into hundreds of small pieces as in the image below.


All of the fittings we use such as the Hinges, Fixed glass to wall brackets, our standard round and square door knobs are all made from high quality chrome plated brass. The brackets have to be of a high quality as they have to be able to carry and support the heavy weight of 10mm glass. Frameless 10mm glass weighs 25 kilograms per square meter, which puts your average fixed panel of 2000 x 1000 weighing in at a hefty  50 Kilograms, certainly a two man job almost through the whole process of production right through to fit. Please click the link to our accessories page for images of all of our standard fittings range.